Televison Aerial Installations

TV In Any Room, Any Area

At Stephen Burgess Installations we offer a service to supply and fit you with a digital aerial which will give you all you need to receive digital TV. Most new TV’s now come with Freeview fitted into them so you will need a digital aerial for the TV to pick up the signal. We can fit the aerial to your chimney , roof or apex but usually the loft is quite sufficient for the aerial to be housed. We can also run into extra rooms so you can watch TV in the other rooms from the same aerial. Sometimes you will need to have a booster box fitted if you live in a low area or an area that struggles to receive a good signal but this is not very often.

We always use the best quality coax cable and fittings as you get a better signal strength when using good quality coax and the better the quality the better the TV signal. When we fit the coax cable around your home we always put it in the best place possible so as not to stand out and we’re very good at hiding cables, if you are having a new build done we can also come out and plan this with you and hide all the cables inside the walls. The cable is usually fixed with a staple gun so you can hardly see anything other than white cable along the skirting boards or wherever you wish him to fix it.

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